XURË Mezcal

How we produce XURË Mezcal

Learn more about our 100% handcrafted production process

Xurë Mezcal Mezcal is 100% handcraft process

Once agaves are mature and before they bloom, our people proceeds to jimado to obtain the agave pineapple.

Within a handmade oven, it’s time to cooking the agave pineapples.

Once a cooked agave pineapples proceeds to tearing or shredding them. The bagasse resulting from the milling is placed in wooden vats and water to the mixture is added, leaving it to ferment until the sugar contained in the pineapple are transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide, by a biological agent such as yeast and other bacterias.

The distillate is carried out through an artisan alembic to which heat is provided by burning wood, this process allows the alcohol to evaporate and then retrieve it through a cooling process.

Checking through the pearly quality, aroma and flavor, a uniform 40 degrees product is obtained with the unique taste of XURË Mezcal Mezcal

Manufacture of our bottle by our artisans