Xure - Mezcal 100% artesanal

Malba XURË Mezcal

Xurë means “with heart” in Nahuatl and is associated with the heart of agave (corazón del agave) and our love for Mexico

On Xurë Mezcal our products are committed to Mexican traditions, we value the importance of conserving them, our mission as a company is promoting them through our Mezcal.

Xurë Mezcal is an alcoholic beverage obtained by distilling the pineapple or heart of the agave, is a word of Nahuatl origin (mexcalli) which in turn is broken down into two words: “Metl” which means maguey, and “Ixcalli” meaning cooked or boiled.

From the variety “Sprat” and after its jimado we extract the agave pineapple and according to cooking processes and a handcrafted distillation, we obtain a product with pearled, aroma and unique flavor of Xurë Mezcal.

Years of tradition and a production 100% handmade Xurë come together in a Mezcal that conveys the richness of our traditions, preserving all the flavor of the heart of our land.


XURË Mezcal - Avalado por ComercamXurëMezcal – is endorsed by COMERCAM it is certified and regulated by rules that identify the mezcal as a unique and authentic drink with designation of origin.

Xurë Mezcal Mezcal products


XURË Mezcal - Joven


Mezcal Blanco


XURË Mezcal - Reposado


Mezcal Reposado

XURË Mezcal - Añejo


Mezcal Añejo


Xurë Mezcal Mezcal Cream


XURË Mezcal - Joven

Coconut Cream

XURË Mezcal - Reposado

Red Fruits Cream

XURË Mezcal - Añejo

Moka Cream